Oh Captain
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2002-06-30 20:45:54 (UTC)

Storytime with Uncle Trevor

The other day my mom came down to the basement,
where I was quietly reading in the
ever-so-slightly-damp coolness, and exasperatedly
announced that she was headed out to see my
brother's baseball game. She plugged in the baby
monitor so I'd know if Claire woke from her nap two
floors above me, and as I turned back to The
Fountainhead, I said to her, "Okay. Have fun!" Then
she turned and looked at me, a sigh deflating her
seemingly ever-tired frame, and said, "Yeah, right." I
looked up again, quizzically, and made a short inquiry
regarding the cause of her despair. She responded, "I
don't go to these things to have fun...don't ever tell
Anders I said this...I'm just checking off a box." She
then checked off said invisible box in mid-air, rolled her
eyes, and dragged herself up the stairs and out into the
midday heat.

Checking off a box?

Is this how "adults" view life? Or is this all the "life"
that's left to adults? So help me God, I refuse to let my
life come to that.