When its all over and done with....
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2002-06-30 19:52:11 (UTC)

BADD partay

wow the party was soo great.....not...Kevin didnt say one
thing to me cept where is ur brother and what do you want
to eat? The whole time he was all over his ex girlfriend,
Kim, and wow that really hurt. But oh well...their are
plenty of guys like him right? i hope so...well i was the
party for like 9 and a half hours all by myself with no one
to talk to except these two gurls. which by the end of the
party were all over these two guys so there i was sittin
there with nothn to do wating fro my bro to get there so we
could leave...well when he got there we didnt leave for
another 3 hours ugh! It was a disaster but atleast that
night helped me get over kevin...i think!

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