Reality Bites
2002-06-30 18:20:16 (UTC)


I really hate it when I get to this level of determination
when it comes to trying to lose weight because I always end
up falling back into completely not eating. And I love that
so much you don't even know. I know all the facts about
what it does to your body and whatnot but the reality of it
is that once I can get that foccused where I don't feel the
need to eat I feel very put together. Just writing about it
right now is making me better. I'm leaving for Hawaii in 2
weeks and I need to loose 20 pounds before I go. I'll do it
too, I know myself and it'll take probably the whole 2
weeks but thats ok, I've done it before. I have to go to
the gym, I'll probably write another entry tonight.

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