SuGaR RuSh
2002-06-30 16:52:18 (UTC)

so i fall again

wow i had the weridest dream...i was @ claires but it
looked diff..but it was our skool...and like i walk in w/
erin and i c this kinda short guy w/ a nice purple shiney
tie standin next 2 a really tall guy and i look @ thar
faces and it was benji and joel and i was like OMG y r u
guys here and me n erin r goin nuts...and then we walk anf
go back in 2 this lil room thingy lookin 4 the utha guys
and i c brit and amber and im like OMG benji and joel is
here!! and then sam runs up 2 me and is like "OMG PAUL IS
HERE AHH we won a contest and gc is gunna have a concert @
our skool" and then i c billy takein a pic of ppl and hes
wearin this gray sweater thingy and i turn 2 erin and
go "wow so hott" and erin tried 2 steal me shoe laces lolol
then i woke up...
it was so really scared that joel was wearin a
purple was like the kind regis wears lol

well last nite was was poker nite @ my uncles
house so i went thar and i got this coconut rum
stuff...mmmm so good...i think im goin 2 get my glasses 2
day i hope ahhh! well im out bye bye