Scenes from a Marriage
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2001-06-25 19:59:28 (UTC)

Monday, June 25th

Well, I've got 24 hours of OT in for this check, so that
will help. Hubby cashed out his 401K, so that money should
be coming today or so, then we will get all those little
bills caught up and can stop stressing about them. Jordan
goes to the psychologist tomorrow for an evaluation to see
if he qualifies for SSI disabiity, and Justin I am sure
will have to go to once his paperwork makes it through. I
hope we can get that money, it would really help with their
care. Its not that I don't want them, but I hate being
without money just because of them. I mean a "normal
placement" would have include additional money for clothes,
food, and stuff like that.

But, these guys have extensive medical things: they both
take Adderall, Justin needs a bedwetting alarm, Jordan must
go to counseling every week. And then we try to make sure
they have fun things to do, like baseball and hockey. I
think that hockey is going just going to be learn to play
again this fall, I don't feel either of them is ready for a
team yet, and since they can't handle school very well at
this time, I don't want to make sports more important. I
mean Ben was able to make straight A's all year, and spend
3-4 nights a week on the ice, so him continuing to play
hockey is okay. I am still not sure if they broke the TV
or if it broke on its own, but I know they won't be getting
a new one unless they get SSI.