I'm a girl, not a band!!!
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2002-06-30 14:46:39 (UTC)


Went to Church this morning. I'm glad. Though I went to
bed late and got up early (services at 8:45!!) I am glad
that I went. There is such a comforting familiarity to
going. I know all the words, and going through the
motions....such solace to it all.

There was a wonderful soprano soloist today. She was
amazing. I was so jealous. I've wanted to be a soprano my
whole life. My sister is. I think I have a deep voice for
a girl.

I was raised in the Episcopal Church. Went every Sunday
for the first 16 years of my life. Not going wasn't an
option. Though I would have rather done something else on
some of those Sundays, I am grateful now that I went.

I want to raise my children in the same way. I need
someone who will support me in that. I only recently came
to that conclusion. Even if he doesn't agree, or believe
or whatever, I'd need him there with me, with us (the
kids). It's important to me.

I feel better when I come home afterwords....like that
feeling you get after a physical workout....my spiritual