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2002-06-30 10:57:50 (UTC)

Global game - I hope they use the prize for charity

In the world some people played a global game. And they
would won a big prize. I hope they use that cash for charity
because people in world spent time watching their games.
Drinking and eating or wearing the things they showed have
helped them to continue the game. Then they need to use the
final prize for charity or to build a hospital or a school
or some foundation that helps people to be good and health.
Well I talked to Carol today. Yesterday night I could not.
I just talke to Mel. My world in my home town is becoming
small. It is good because I have no time for enemies or
false friends. I never had and my truly friends really
needed me all this year.
Better day for me. It is not idolatry to show example of
a hero. I will show myself to world and people would follow
my steps and jumps and flight.