Alexander Dickson

Silent Hill: Town of Unforgetable Memori
2002-06-30 13:56:06 (UTC)

It's not fair, just not fair...

I just want all the suffering to stop, not just my own,
but everybodies. Why must people suffer so much? It does
little to help anyone, and has no benefits. I hate this so
much, I just want a little true happiness in my life,
contentment is not enough. It might have been at one time
but now I want more. I want at least one person to say to
me and be sincere when they say I made a difference in
their life, even a slight one. I want to hold someone and
be there for them and help them to deal with a problem. I
want what others have - a real life with real friends and
real love. I want the old times back, before the world
destroyed my faith in the future and crushed my spirit. I
just want it to stop. The madness, the suffering, the
pain. I don't want it anymore, make it stop!

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