My Diary
2002-06-30 12:02:21 (UTC)


Relationship is really a tough thing to deal with and it causes
so much of a heartache. Got into a silly fight with Rob
yestersday, I think I was stupid enough to say something that
really ruined the relationship. I still remember three days ago I
was writing about how glad that I think I have met the right
guy. And now, it seems like our relationship might turn to an
end. It really is a shame and I don't want to look back and
regret about this. I have to admit that I really like this guy. I
only wish that he understand the same and is not turning me
It has been a tough day. Swimming usually helps me to relax
and enjoy my Sunday. My mind just couldn't get way from
thinking of him. What should I do? There isn't really much
that I can do to change thing. On the other hand, I really
wish I could be a little more grown up and be able to control
my emotion more next time when I try to express myself.
The World Cup finals is on now. Brazil Vs Germany. I just
have no mood to watch it.
On one min you can tell each other that " I Love You" and
another min you couldn't totally turn away from each other
without giving a chance for yourself and others. Is that called
ture love? I mean it when I say " I love you" . I only wish you
know this.
Tried to call you couple of times today, but got the answering
machine. He is trying to get least I assume this is
what he is doing now. Is he going to get away like this again
next time when he is facing a tough time agian on his next
I am sure I have hurted his feelings and my feelings have
almost gone to the bottom. I don't believe running away is the
way to deal with problems.... I have done it many time in the
last relationship.... Why doesn't he has the courage to deal
with this as he has the courage to run away like this.
As little as I can do, there is no other choice but to respect.
And at the end of the day, relationship is a mutual thing. I am
willing to work with you, can you please give us a chance?
There are too many things in the world that we have to deal
with and face each day, let's face it together and make a
happy life. You tell me to be positive, perhaps it is about
time to think about our positive future. I don't want to give
up, can you hear me? How about you?
Life goes on and the world still goes around..... I only wish we
can strike for better things together and have a great life.