Kat Eyes
2002-06-30 06:58:20 (UTC)

June 29, 2002

i know it has been a very long time. i was writting in my
other diary (under the user name of: [email protected] )
so much has happened since i last wrote. i was in a sort
of "depression" around the winter season. i eventually got
out of it. i also made a lot of new friends. i got involved
with school also. my yearbook teacher promoted me to photo
editor at the end of the school year, and i tried out
for "tigerettes". ( a group of girls who do flag routines
and dances with marching band) i also participated in the
spring play "come blow your horn". i tried out for the part
of connie, but i didn't make it. but i did help out and i
was sort of a stage-manager. i also have a boyfriend. his
name is cody starken and hes (now) a senior. he is a few
years older than me, but it doesn't seem to bother me
because i like him so much. its a little aqward ight now
though. even though we've been going out a little over a
month. he asked me out exactly one week before school let
out. (school let out on a wednesday) school let out and
that very sunday, i began my vacation in california. i
convinced dad and lissa to let me go and grandma and
grandpa were more than pleased for me to come out. but a
major event caused my whole summer to deteriorate, and the
relationship of my grandparents. grandpa has a sister. her
name is hazel and shes like 86. (she's my dad's aunt and my
great aunt. i probably should call her "great aunt hazel"
but why? shes not here to hear me just call her hazel) her
husband, vinnie, died about 2 months ago. (probably longer.
i can't remember) but grandma and grandpa still had our (my
& dad's...) old house on granite. so they moved her out
into our old house. this is such a big thing to. the woman
hasn't: written a check in over 30 years, probably hasn't
bathed in 3 months, driving in at least 20 years, blah-blah-
blah, you get the idea. vinnie did EEVERYTHING for her.
(and i mean EVERYTHING.)well i was scheduled to arrive in
CA on like may 25th. (sometie around there...again, i can't
remember) but grandma and grandpa had to fly to
pennsylvania (where hazel lived) so that they could seel
her house and get rid of all her crap. so the first 2 weeks
i spent my summer vaca in valencia (CA) with my aunt lisa,
uncle gary, cousin (5 years old) lauren, and cousin kenneth
(22 months old). that was a trip. and it was a learning
experiance i guess i should say.) it did suck...alot, but
there were some totally awesome times. lisa took lauren and
i ice skating. i have never EVER ice skated with someone
else besides my mom. and plus, lisa had never skated
before, so watching her skate was a show all in itself. we
also went to six-fags:magic mountain. one of gary and
lisa's neighbors (who has a daughter bout laurens age) came
along too. so lisa has kenneth and lauren and the neighbor
and the neighbor's kid. gary and i went on all the roller
coasters. i was so disappointed! "X"...the park's newest
ride wasn't running. and "de javue" (which i have ridden
before but would like to ride again) was closed too! but it
was still alot of fun. i also got a "twicket" which is this
ticket thingy that says you can come back into the park
within 7 days. i ended up going back again with one of
their neighbor's daughters...whose like 14. it was still
fun though. shes cool. also, lisa took lauren and i to
hurricane ahrbor. its like this water park thats a branch
off six-flags. it was alot of fun! i got a major wedgie
when i went down this huge water slide, but it was fun
anyways. i had the most fun in the lazy river w/ lisa and
lauren. funny how the most relaxing thing seems to be the
funnest when you're bonding with family. the first day i
was there, gary took lauren and i to the circis. (another
neighbor accompianied us) that was pretty cool too. i loved
the tigers. i did have fun though. now that i'm thinking
about it, i'd rather be there than here for my last week in
CA. grandma goes out to the house(granite house) every
saturday to clean it. i normally don't go with her b/c her
and grandpa get up at the crack of freggin dawn and
plus.....its cleaning! but grandma has done so much for me
since i've been here i figured that i owe her something. (i
know i shouldn't feel that way...but i do. so sue me!) so i
did go out and help her today. now let me take this time to
say that hazel is a picky bitch. i'll be totally up front.
she thinks that CA is full of rapists and purse stealing
thugs. (ok....some parts of CA are. but monrovia isn't one
of those parts. and anyways, if it was who'd wanna rape
aunt hazel? can you say GROSS???)but anyways, grandma and i
get in the house and hazel tells grandma to move her purse
b/c someone could run in and steal it. grandma thought
thats the dumbest thing she's ever heard, but she did it
anyway. then when hazel saw grandma cleaning with lysol
disinfectant, she started to bitch about lysol.she didn't
want grandma spraying it around her toothbrush. come on,
like the chance of that happening is great. a little
disinfectant is hazel's mouth might actualy do her some
good. but don't tell anyone else that. and like she uses
her brush anyways. she did go to great lengths once to wash
her hair. it did look better clean. (it'd be wrong if it
didn't) but even though that thought, also, was stoopid,
grandma put the lysol in the car. now let me take more time
to say that hazel's house in PA was flithy stinking dirty!
i was never there but from the stpries grandma told me
about it, i feel like i have been there. all of hazel's
windows in her old house were boarded up. she is very
sneaky. she likes to peek around corners and listen and
evesdrop and all that crap. theres a big window in the
kitchen. it not like huge, but big enough. hazel doesn't
want people looking at her through the windwo, so grandma
and grandpa discussed putting up a shutter. hazel went to
talk to grandpa and she said "i know jackie (grandma)
doesn't want it up but i'd like a piece of cardboard over
the litchen wondow". grandma just lost it. you should have
seen her drive home...i almost asked her to just let me
drive. it was so bad. she is a very emotional driver. so to
make this already long story shorter, grandma is mad at
grandpa (an vise-versa) and hazel at one point today_
wasn't speaking to grandpa. but now i believe they're
speaking b/c he was at her house for like 3 hours earlier
this evening. we were supposed to be going to san diego for
the 4th of july, bu now we're not. so oh mother f***ing
well. life's a b****. ok, well its almost midnight and i
should have been in bed an hour ago so i'll try to write
more often. ok, buh-bye