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2002-06-30 05:55:57 (UTC)


I have never been more alive in my life. I love you
Justene. Not in a million years would I have ever thought
I would be lucky enough to have a love like you. I dont
care anymore about you and Brandon, because I have been
thinking. You came back. You didn't leave me to go back
to "guys", you stayed with me. I wish I could give you
everything you ever wanted, but at the same time I am
happy I didn't, because then I could spend the time with
you, loving you, instead. I want to be with you always
Justene. I don't care if we dont get married, because I
piece of paper has no meaning compared to the love that I
have for you. Some people say that not everyone gets the
chance to experience love in their lives. I always thought
that I would have been one of those poor people. Now I
will never have to worry because the love you give me
every night with my goodnight kisses and my good morning
kisses, are enough to last me an eternity through. Right
now you are sitting on the other computer and the only
thing I want to do is walk over to you, give you the
greatest kiss ever, and make love to you. I want to feel
every part of you and become part of you. I mean I have
asked you to do things that I would never feel comfortable
asking anyone else, but when you touch me, god, I loose
control and the only thing I see is you and me, in a
worldwind of colours and emotions and I cant help but get
lost in your touch. I wish I could describe how you make
me feel with your love and your touch, but that would be
like trying to describe the colour purple to a colour
blind man. I love you, and I always will