lock 59

2002-06-30 05:42:00 (UTC)

this is rapture !

I thought really hard about our fight ! (there is only one
person i talk about on this diary- I'm obsessed)
I was kinda mean. I mean when i see his cute face, that
tall skinny body, and those big eyes- how can anyone
be mad at him.
I told sophie about it, she says i was mean, and that if i
had said some of the things i said to him to her, she
wouldn't talk to me either.
But i can't help thinking that he really doesn't want to be
with me, and this is just a good way out.
So I'll give him his chance. If he wants me- he will have
to do something really radical about it.
I really am in love- I was from the first moment i saw
him, and when i found out he has a brain- O my god !!!
This is rapture !!!!
So i talked to him. I told him what i felt, and shared his thoughts
on the matter(well as best as he could). We decided that it is
best to end it. We can't be friends, thats for sure.... there is just to
much there.. we are (in the words of Sam) "fire and Ice, both
dangerous, and both beautiful, but not compatible"
So it's over.