2001-06-25 18:08:10 (UTC)

Didnt do much today just wenta..

Didnt do much today just wenta school n met up wiv Ms
Chew...boy can she talk shez like askin a thousand n one
questions n Iz like when the fuck can I get outta here

Aniway she finally lets up and I make my getaway....

Waited for Anggy or Ken or Pun or someone outside school
but none of em make I meet Ganesh who comes for
breakfast with me...we fag a little...and he left..

Went to Far East and got an ear-ring....and one for Anggy
too...the one I got for her wasnt too special cos it was
just two plain rings....but I didnt know what she liked n
stuff so I decided to just buy her a plain pair first...
Bought other stuff n went home...

I got a new rabbit ......didnt want it at first but my sis
n bro were like...hellbent on keepin it so it got kept..
She wantsa name it bro wants ta name it
Scholten Remback the third after some asshole and Ima call
it Slash cos of its killer claws n red eyes...

Aniway so the two fuckwits Gabriel n Daniel call me but Iz
too busy to go out wiv em..They look like freakin studs n ear rings all over
em...they;re actually kinda cool but sometimes they freak
me out too...

Had dinner at home..for once....had chicken curry...and
then met up wiv Faye to fag ..she burnt me today with her
shitty lighter iz like asking her to lend me hers and she
was tamperin with it ...when she finally gave it to me I
struck it and the flame shot out like 10cm
long.....probably charred the hair in my nose...

Ynoe somethin....Im probably gonna tell her bout this diary
and shes gonna read this or Im gonna mention it to her
sometime tmr or sumthin but Faye you looked darned sexy
today with ur hair tied up so funkily in a bundle juz
now.......very hip....
Hey..some things ya cant say to a girl's face..'specially
when she's only a friend ya know...
Furthermore with ya ah-lian like looks (DO NOT CALL ME WHEN
YOU READ THIS) and that short short shorts.....wait...thse
are compliments and rmember I have a killer bunny n the
scawwy eeewy beetles nearby so think b4 killin me..hahaha

Ok Im going to hafta get my bro a birthday present tmr..Im
leavin like..2-3days b4 his birthday..shitty huh....
I think Ill get presents for everyone in the house like mom
n dad but tt depends on my finances...

Letsee....ynoe diary...I havent introduced myself.....

Whats ya name ? Mines Ansel...ok youll be called Shady frm
now on...

I live in Singapore n im 16 although Ill b goin off to
Melbourne in less than 2 weeks...
I have a brother n sis n mom n dad n stuff...
I got 5 best friends frm sji...Nigel Ganesh Gan n
Adin...all fuckwits but they're the coolest guys Ill ever
know....Ganesh is this tall dark indian gangster whos in
USA studyin and whoz like my father in a sense he takes
care of me like always..Nigels leavin for the States in two
days n hes like the leader and counsellor for us....Gans
like the laziest slackest piece a crap ever but also
weirdly funny.. n Adins just like his name suggest...a
jackass...altho he goofs alot n talks alotta crap...
Faye's my neighbor n good friend...shez
pretty...ugly...haha nah jokin shez actually very very very
chio.....and very very very moody..its sortta a
balance...great looks in exchange for weird
James too..hes pretty retarded n all but..well..thats
it..hes pretty retarded...

Newae Il go on later but I ready to die of sleepiness now..