Reality Bites
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2002-06-30 05:01:54 (UTC)

Long day

Yesterday I went to therepy and then I picked Mia up and we
went to go see our friend at work but he had gotten off
early which sucked!! We hadn't seen him since school got
out so we missed him & were sad. Then we decided to stop by
Luke & Dan's baseball game and Dan was there and also our
friends John and Joe were on thier team which we didn't
know until we got there. Luke wasn't there which
sucked...something about a last minute trip to Nevada?? I
don't know but I haven't heard from him since I left for
camp which is ok, but I miss him!! I hope I talk to him b4
I leave for Tahoe on Thursday. Joe is SO funny, he was
dancing in the outfield for us lol what a great guy! Then
we decided we'd go eat where our hot friend Marc works but
he had the day off, so we didn't get to see him either!!!
So, we went back to Mia's and slept over there. Then today
she had to eat dinner with her real dad who she hates, so
she asked me if I'd go with her which of course I did. He's
an asshole and I do not like him. That was alright, we went
to this place w/ a lot of hot guys & waitors. Then I came
home and my sister was here so I hung out with her for
awhile. Then when she was leaving Alyssa called and told me
to come over so I did and that was fun. We got Mexican food
and watched the Real World. I came home @ like 11 cause I'm
hella tired. I think I'm going to bed now...I'll write