I'm a girl, not a band!!!
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2002-06-30 03:21:41 (UTC)

CDs and Lollipops

Went to bed at a reasonable time (for me at least!) last
night. Got woken up at 7 to be told to pick up my bro at
1pm. Went back to sleep, got up at 10:30am to take TJ to
work. Been driving around most of today.

Had friends of the family over for dinner. Nice to catch
up. Good food. The risotto that I was making didn't come
out the way that I wanted it. Oh well, you can't win them

Do you need passion in love....in a relationship? What if
there is passion and no stability? What about stability
but no passion? Will either work? I really would like to
know. Please give me your opinions...

Thoughtfully yours,


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