Diary of Stuff (Volume I)
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2002-06-30 03:14:41 (UTC)

Rationality = Misery

Woot, some days I wished that I had totally taken the
creative route, and gotten rid of the totally logical and
analytical.... It gets in the way of completely unfettered
creativity and imagination. To give form where none was
needed in the first place..., to stumble from one thought
to the next, and then try to tie the two together into some
sort of coherent causal relationship.... hmmmmmmm..... I
can quickly follow from one set of rules to the next, but
to completely ignore them and become a free
fall.....but I know that I must hit the ground....
Expectation: embodying the future into a construct; fixing
form to an as yet to happen temporal event.... Thus the
appeal of fantasy--wild, unpredictable; a boon to

I have three oldest one, although can have
the occasional lapses, is quite intelligent in his middle one, loud, likes to hear himself talk
above others, likes to create the loudest disturbance in
any situation, is totally oblivious to anyone outside his
skull, overexaggerated youngest, quiet,
plays quietly, with occasional episodes of
mischievousness.......hmmmmmmmm, I guess a quick course in
child psychology would set things in order in my mind, as I
try to understand each of them....they are kids, eh?

Are my synapses overloaded? Why do I have an intense
interest in many things.... Boredom.....? caffeine C8-H10-
N4-O2.....? but once I find that I have no use for them, I
drop it like a hot potato...???

I currently don't have anything to engage my mind with that
is useful, I guess is my predicament. Thus my wish for
total creativity, where the "reason for" is not needed, but
only the "act of doing" is justification enough....

Well (rolling eyes upward), life goes

Rationality = Misery, lol...