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2002-06-30 03:08:22 (UTC)

gettin closer

well it's the 29th, and my horse show just keeps on getting
closer and closer. and i just cant wait anymore. i have to
go get a new pair of chaps on monday, along with a new show
shirt. so it's like i'm getting a whole new outfit...lots
of money right there. lol. oh well. not a biggy. i spent
most of today finding shit for my show...i had to go
through the closets, and i wandered around looking for
stuff in the barn. fortunately, it's all in a place where i
can find it. nothing is lost. well except for this one
water thing. but i'm sure my mom knows where that one is.
janet's going to come over on tuesday and watch me
ride...hopefully. it's not lady i'm worried about...more or
less me. lol. every time she's in a lope, my inner leg
slides forward, making me look stupid from the ground, and
throws me off balance. and as of this point, i have NO IDEA
how to correct that. i wish i did too. cuz it really needs
fixing by next sunday. anyways, i've been rearranging my anyone who wants to see it, tell me. it's kinda
a mess at the moment, since i just moved a lot of my shit.
but i can still get around, and still sleep in here. my
room fits me though. i like my messy room. that way, i can
find everything....odd summer break has been busy
so far. but i've enjoyed it. i've even had some time to
think about certain issues. not much, but enough. i've come
to a conclusion about something i was so oblivious to
before. and i cant believe i totally overlooked this one. i
cant believe i let this one go either...yes, i'm a blonde
and i know it. but anyways, that's enough of my ramblings
tonight. more tomorrow, or the next time i feee like
writing....and if you have a chance, download "candle in
the wind" by elton john...great song...