Dark Secrets
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2002-06-30 03:06:21 (UTC)

Holiday ends.

School is starting tomorrow again. I will be in year 3, i
gotta work extra hard, and forget abt the little laziness i
have in me. I am most afraid of computer lessons... I will
be panicking to finish up my exercises for the day. I am
bad at it...I dun wanna learn flash or website....
There will be lectures going to be bored and
sleepy, i need that candy, wonder if it works for me....Im
going to get that new printer, hopefully today, epson
stylus photo 810 or canon S 520, i have it memorize...i
need a gd printer...finally im getting one...

Fung is a darling, he wants to give me $20 extra every wk,
coz he noes it will be hard time negotiating with dad, it's
just $20...i told him it's alrite, i dun want my heart to
ache...i would rather exchange it for more love and concern
i said. I told him to try get bb instead for that
way i will be kept occupied with movies and animations. I
got to keep telling myself to work hard...and im getting a
job as a tutor, to earn the extra to either fly there or
for my hungry bank left with $7, that is so pathetic.

I will be out with Carina later, i guess im going to put on
contacts....coz she has her camera..she's going for
manicure, im going along to watch...i will be interested to
watch ahah...anyway i think she is really vain...i will
never be like her...dress in flowery sweet dresses etc. she
does facial, have her eyebrows pluck, go for manicure,
everything is damn expensive, i dun understand...i thought
she is struggling financially...she is kinda proud to me,
too confident, although im older than her, she wants to
rule me around i think. Hope she doesnt happen to see this,
because she used to be my best friend, and she's
nice...duno if she is trying too hard though.
cya for now, be back for nite news.

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