Fish 'n Chips
2001-06-25 16:54:28 (UTC)

I love my Tommy :)

Music: None
Random Thought: I wonder if it's really possible to swallow
your own tongue.

Hmm....what to say. I had a pretty good day yesterday. It
started out pretty shitty though. Tom and I were just being
pissy all day until around 9 o'clock. We were laying in my
bed and I fell asleep on him for a few minutes and he woke
me up by kissing me. It was cute. Then he started kissing
my whole face and telling me how much he loved me and
stuff...I was getting kind of scared. Heh. I was
like "Where is all of this coming from?" and he said "My
heart." Awwww. He was being so sweet. It had been a really,
really long time since we just held each other (and really
meant it). Then to make everything better, he said "You
know what" and obviously I said "What?" and he said "I want
to spend the rest of my life with you. Forever and
ever." Ahhh! I love him. He said a lot of sweet things. I'm
just glad that he's back. I know it sounds weird....but
lately it's been different. We weren't acting the same at
all, and we fought just about every day. I missed being
sweet and cuddling and all of that. I hope it stays this
way for a while.

I am really bored. Tom and I aren't hanging out today,
which is okay I guess. I think we need a day off. He's
supposed to be going to get his certificate to get his
license back today. Yay. He finally got a job. I'm proud of
him :) Too bad he got it while I'm *trying* to stop
eating meat. He'll be working at Subway. Ugh. Yummy. I'd be
making him give me free food, but oh well. He said they're
starting him out at 5.75 (I think that's what he said, I'm
not sure) and then after...uh...a certain amount of time,
heh, he'll be making 6.50 (I think....I was sorta half
asleep while he was telling me this stuff.) Anyyyyyway, I'm
happy that he finally got a job. I'm sure he is too. Now we
can actually go places without having to ride the bus. YAY.
That makes me happy.


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