Angels diserve to die
2002-06-30 02:27:29 (UTC)

When things seem to all fall apart another chapter to the fallen ones

There is a tale that once is spoken, the life is a bunch of
ups and downs, but deep in my heart i know its a lie, some
one just trying to escape from what they can not hide.
This palce is lost to most or to all, not a soul knows how
to escape from their misery, but who cares right? Out there
there is a fallen one trying to find ehr way home, how will
she do this? does she even know? That up there in the
heavens all is lost and gone, no more warmth or love will
help to heal teh tears in side. one of the many chapters
of the fallen ones from heaven and much much more to
come....Well isn't this a sight i am writing again in this
diary wow i am so happy. Well as you know life is not
always good, even though i do not take my addvise but
listen you can make it through anything if you do have a
true heart and mind with a soul and some oen there to help
anything is possible!