seeing is believing
2001-01-05 17:54:18 (UTC)

5Jan Sorry I haven t told you..


Sorry I haven't told you the url of my new page yet. Okay,
I'll say it now, but it's still underconstruction.
That's it. I put up a link there. Well, the only part
finished are the links, but I'll add more stuff. I say the
entrance is the best part. Here's the next part of "Night
The clock in my room ticked so loudly, it was as if I
weren't even there. It was like no one was there. I
carefully looked for the creature who chanted strange
words, including murderer. I finally caught the creature in
my eye, but it was no creature. It was -- me. This
certainly was hard to believe. Some how, I was split in
two. But this can't be me. A coinscidence? Yeah, I hope.

The next parts are coming. I'll tell you an EXCITING