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2002-06-29 19:55:36 (UTC)

to roll myself away - but opportunities are there

Saturday night and time to roll myself away. It is time to
be myself like I never had been. False friends and enemies
are there. And there is no wind.
Life is like people are. And I ever give what people
deserves to get. I remember every time some people make
me something bad after some weeks I give it back. People
have to eat their words and lies. Like life I give back
what people does.
There is many opportunities for me but there is no time
or cash to them. Today this carnival in my country will
end. People who enjoyed this marathon will be no party
for next four years. But I did history when people was
frozen watching sport game.
My friends I need them and they need me.
Better days in streets of my home town. A day in paradise.

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