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2002-06-29 22:45:18 (UTC)


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I decided something last night. It will change the way I
live completely. I'm going to convert to Wicca.

I've always been interested in it. I went to a few sites
last night and had a lil look around and decided it was
definately for me. I've been brought up as a Christian, my
Mum is a Catholic and my Dad an Anglican. My parents made
me a Catholic before I even had a chance to choose my own
religion. We aren't one of those hard core Christian
families who go to Church every week. My Mum has always
made my brother and I go to church at Christmas though. My
Dad never goes with us. He doesn't believe in going to
churches. He had his religion forced upon him by his
parents when he was young. I don't think he really believes
in it.

I'm not going to tell my parents for a while. I'll tell
them about one month before my dedication ritual, if I
decide to convert.

It's quite a nice day today. I might go for a walk in the
park. I haven't done that for about a year.

Please send your thoughts and feedback if you are reading
this. Thanks. :)

Bye Bye

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