Dirty Fractyl
2002-06-29 22:19:05 (UTC)

2 real uplifting poems

Wrote 2 on the 26th.

"Inherent Failure"

Convention upon invention;
anxiety, degenerative
influences murder my pride.
Each reward lies soon forgotten
As the pleasant winds turn rotten;
Each person revealed clearly has lied;
Some type of preventative act
To "protect me from my intention."

Yet clearly only they have erred,
Each fear is worse than I had feared;
Dwelling beneath the shadow
Of my own expectations,
It would take generations
Before I could even hope to know
If my life was in vain.

My limestone inscription may read
"He acted on impulse
Yet seldom on collective need."
But sheer discussion
Is repercussion
For always immanent failure,
Yet sep'rate from the sheer pressure,
Of slicing the bar, tumbling;
Losing, and left alone mumbling
Though a limit binds me to fail.
Yet still I hope to rise the bar;
Future children laugh from afar.


Only the ignorant
Can stone the mind;
The blessed hybrid
Bears its cross,
Almost without indignation.

Only the fool
can blame rationality;
The glorified fool
Stumbles forward,
Almost without hesitation.

Only the meiser
Can collect on the common man;
His flawless labor
Ever persistent
Always without reward.

Only the whore
can exploit temptation;
a humble drug,
borders on noxifying,
Almost without detection.

Only the sociopath
Makes toil of falsehood;
The ageless weapon,
Ages still,
Always growing stronger.

Only you
Can annihilate my self esteem,
An endangered species,
Wilting in numbers,
Soon to be forgotten.

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