The land of unknown
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2002-06-29 21:56:33 (UTC)

Penguin Philosophy

Mood: good
Music: my own music

well, yesterday, Alan came over and i tought him how to
play the Lord of the Rings card game. he doesn't
complain as much as my brother, but he's not as good
at it. i guess it waqs his first game though. it was fun,
but he left 2 of his own cards here. he wanted to use
some of his own rares but he left Gimli's Axe and Huge
Tenticle (for anyone that knows the game and was
wondering). and next wednesday Realms of the Elf
Lords expansion comes out!! woohoo!! ok, if u hadn't
guessed, i feel better then last time. if anyone is still
reading these, well, Kitty did read at least the one
before last, i don't mean the faces one, the one before
that. assuming anyone else besides her might read
this. oh well.