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life of a porn star
2002-06-29 20:50:59 (UTC)

random stuff

well i talked to matt the night after my paretns went away
and he was still being sweet. he didnt say ne thing more
about hanging out but i dont care. so thursday i hung out
with maggie and mark. first he took us to go pick up weed,
then we had to go drop it off somewhere, then we went to go
get more, then we went to the reservation to buy gas. then
that night we went to the drive in. i guess it was fun lol.
mark drove his talon and it has like no backseat so i was
really uncomfortable, but i was fun when i sat in the
front. we were doing 120 on the thru way it was so fun.
maggie got really fuckd up that night it was kinda funny.
then i slept over and she left for the rest of the summer.
tonight im supposed to hang out with greg. i really dont
want to and i am so broke. we will see i guess. i would
rather be hanging out with matt. omg i forgot. when mag was
cleaning her room she found a notebook her and cara would
write in and someone wrote this disgusting story about me
and magie int he bathroom at school and it involved meagan
baco turning me down. so who ever wrote it knows i liked
baco and thinks of me as a lesbian. i almost puked bc magie
is my best friend and it was so weird lol. i wonder who
wrote it.