fake plastic diary
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2002-06-29 19:21:37 (UTC)

i think its saturday

hello. hmmmm prom. prom was okay. it was mostly just people
saying oh i like ur dress. i had the same conversation with
about 30 people. quite ridiculous. the place was really
nice. its quite posh. they did one of those real crap
stuck up buffets that are just piss poor. whats wrong with
good old fashioned sausage rolls with jelly and ice cream?
the whole prom king and queen thing was a poor effort. the
queen got a bouquet of flowers. that was it. they just
announced it. we wernt impressed. but the dj did play some
of the songs we asked him for. like tainted love, baggy
trousers, come on eileen and loads of other stuff. also he
played some good old cheesy stuff like ymca and macarena,
and we did all cheesy dancing. such fun. very undignified.
they wouldnt serve alcohol to us. xens mum got her some
vodka and coke tho. her mum did the photos cos shes a
photographer. and xen also had a hip flask of absynthe
stuff which is like 70% or whatever. so she was pretty
happy. not a lot really happened, if u know what i mean.
theres not much to say. this one teacher who i hate who has
a purple face and a mustache like a walrus held my hand for
about five minutes whilst telling me how pleased he was to
see me and how nice i looked. he was the bastard who sent
me home on the last day for having a swastica on my shirt.
he was like, oh u do look nice. after that thing on ur
shirt im glad u look so nice. shudder. he wouldnt leave me
alone. and sianne was really pissed. she was telling
everyone about her battle with annorexia and she even
kissed mrs dixon. ew. but most people were relatively sober
and mostly we just talked. oh, they played lady in red.
isnt that just the worst song ever? i was just like fuck
no. stop. slitting wrists now. afterwards lots of ppl went
clubbing and stuff but we just went back to chazs and
camped in her back garden. we went to texaco garage in our
dresses. then later on we went back in pjs and sleping
bags. we've done that before....the guy was still very
scared. i got kinda depressed. xen, nic and popey were
smoking weed but thats not my thing so i just lay there in
my sleeping bag looking like a slug. chaz was just in her
tent. i felt really lonely. which is ridiculous i suppose
but i just did. wilkie came later on after he'd been to
some clubs with lindsay. nicola was sick everywhere. eurgh.
thers nothing worse than sick. nothing. it was angin. i was
nearly sick myself, and i feel sick now thinking about it.
shudder. i felt so sad and i didnt have much fun. i stayed
in a tent with popey. the roof of the tent was silly. it
was too low. i had about 3 hours sleep. breakfast was
better though. im happier today. i gotta go town now. i
cant be arsed. but i sadi i would cos its the last time
chaz can go cos of her job. hmmmmmm. so bored and tired.
i hate buses. poor u. would write more but have to go.
love u loads.
from the lady who normally wears red but wanted a change
and is wearing navy blue today.