the ups and downs of my life
2002-06-29 16:15:36 (UTC)

plans to stay in shape

i called the guidance councler on wed b/c i want to
switch gym with studyhall. she hasnt called me back yet
though. so either she is on vacatiion or she tried to call
and someone was on the internet. if thats the case i hope
she calls again.

well i got a "Whos who among amwerican students" thing and
sent it in. in like feb i got "National honor roll" but
i never sent it in.

well my brother is going to run in cross country so he has
to start to train. every day we will run a mile and rest a
day and then we will add a mile and so on till we start
school. i aint in cross country because i never thought i
could do it but im going to run to keep in shape for b-
ball. and like i said before im also going to lift weights
and work on my stomach. then in the mid july im going to
open gym for girls b-ball with tracy. i plan to get in

tomorrow i get to go swimming in an inground pool:) yeah
im so happy

well thats all for now