Jena's Rants
2001-06-25 12:46:28 (UTC)

I have the keys to life, but I can't find the door...............

Woah!!! What a weekend. I don't have a lot to say about
it here because I do not wish to incriminate myself and
others, but I need to say just one thing. Everyone should
take time to think about the people in their lives and how
special they are - how much they do for you and how much
you do in return. Is it equal? Does one outweigh the other?
I don't mean to sound like I have gone all three day egg
sandwich in the hot sun on ya, but it seems really
important to me at this moment. Sometimes it's good to
really look at yourself and see if what you have done is
right or wrong and to what degree. I am having one of
those times right now......... I just feel thankful for
the people I have in my life and I am not sure how else to
express it. Forgive me, but this female thinking is
somewhat foreign to me.