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2002-06-29 10:20:45 (UTC)


maybe i am hiding from the truth.
..hiding in my so-called confusion.
playing dumb to escape the pain of accepting who you are.
and there is no truth left behind,
your existance is like a dream,
not real,
inhaling and exhaling lies like smoke.
yet i still have so much hope
to find you inside yourself,
trying to decode every word spoken
into some kind of tangible truth.
but all sincerity is replaced with bullshit so thick i cant
even touch you anymore through the layers,
a useless cause that i live and wake for,
every day.. for you..
and im not as dumb as i try to be,
i know more than you do about who you are backstage,
when youre not acting,
and i have too much faith,
faith that all the love i have for you still could ever be
enough to make you real...
and even though you are too busy with your own bullshit to
see it, or stop and think for one second about it,
i live for you.
you are my god.
my world.
my life.
my everything.

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