Dark Secrets
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2002-06-29 09:53:15 (UTC)

He's away.

He went football playing. He said if there's people around,
he would play for one and an half hr..and if there isnt,
hes going to jog for 45 mins. I called him just now as i
thought he went out at 3, but i reread his history, he said
he will be out at 4, he must have seen my miss calls, im
expecting his calls now....he's not back yet, i usually
will be worried abt such stuffs, scared that he will be out
with gals... who noes what he is doing behind my back...

He just called....alrite!
i went shopping at orchard to get carina her b day
present...she asked me out remember after nearly a year?
ahah on her b day, hmm, im just thinking is it because she
wants sth from me? :P awful that sensitive, i
shouldnt be, but im in control.....

Im trying to be a nicer friend after what fung and greylies
said abt me....but i just thought it isnt that serious, i
seriously didnt offend anyone, or do anything really
bad...maybe im just self centered as ive alot of thoughts
inside my head , enough to bother me. I tried to patch
things up with QQ if there is an misunderstanding or if she
starts to dislike me...I tried smsing her, wishing
her..etc...but there is no reply.. Eve stops contacting me
a long time ago even when she is online....She is a much
more terrible friend than me, she is freaking disgusting
enough to replace her used hairspray with my newly bought
one. She comes to me only when she needs help...asked me
abt the programs i used and wants to learn almost
everything from me, she is an interior designer, isnt that
enough for her? she thinks she is that great, ahah...its so
funny, she hates me? i duno...she wants to be everything i