Visions Of Life
2002-06-29 09:47:33 (UTC)

Agony! Lol

Damn, I workedall day and gotmy as kickedby a shovel.My
hands are all blistered upand Im in agony. lol

Im doing better. Just got the holy wrath of god, fucked out
of me. Damn Damn Damn.*grin*

All is placid in my world. Hydroponically placid as I would

Lets see.. my half of the rent is paid, i came numerous
times, we arent fighting, im deliciously high, I know how
to use night vision in my game and i came numerous times.
How can i complain??

I want to go play pool.. grrrr.. I also want a
bagel..Perhaps tomorrow..

This entry has no depth..Im off to bed.. ta ta