A Sex Hungry Slut
2002-06-29 07:37:49 (UTC)


Anyways... this is from lastweekend yet... Sunday night.
Anyways I met this guy on the phone lines. His name was
Corey. He had a decieving voice. He actually sounded
pretty cute. But his job wasn't that great. So I think I
knew better.

Anyways... turns on the guys bi... looking for a girl t
watch him with another guy... get fucked in the ass for the
first time.. etc. he wanted a girl to help prepare him
anally for the real thing. I was like... "sweet". So I
met the guy at the park down the street. One work to
explain him.. two actually... "FUCKING FREAK" turns out
the guy is like shorter than me... has rotten teeth.. and
is straight plain fucking disgusting. Thank God I didn't
let him come over like all the others. Anyways.. he was
totally into me.. wanted to come back to my place with me.
I could do it. The thought of fucking touching the guy
made me wanna hurl.

Anyways... we walked down the street and then I told him I
had to get going. He told me we should hook up sometimes..
I was like yeah ok whatever... I DON'T THINK SO.

I got to give him credit for one thing though.. he was able
to get me off pretty good over the phone before i met the
ugly creature. Talking about wanting me to do whatever i
want to his ass. If he would have been decent looking I
would have been totally into that. Oh well.. maybe next