Meaningless Ramblings of Dark_Child
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2002-06-29 07:30:57 (UTC)

La La La........I Can't Think of a Title......

Current Music: 'Disposable Teens' by Marilyn Manson

I'm babysitting my lil brother right now. He's well
behaved, so I'm not really complaining as long as my
parents pay me!


At the moment I'm trying to turn a real spiked dog collar
(yes, one from a pet store) into one that I can wear around
my wrist. I found some domes to put onto it, but I'll have
to glue them on, because I can't really sew through thick
leather. Unfortunately, the only glue we have around our
house is for making plastic models, so I'll be amazed if it
actually works! I don't really know why I'm making this. I
should just go down and by a proper one. I've had this
collar sitting around my room for ages, I might as well
find a use for it.

I'm just talking to Michael online. He always finds a way
of bringing my friend into whatever conversation we're
having. Quite funny really. As much as I like him, I don't
really care about him liking her anymore. As long as he's
happy. :)

Stupid Glue. It takes too long to dry.

It's going to be a long and uneventful night.

Bye Bye