2001-06-25 07:56:59 (UTC)

Internet Cafe

Sunday was quite boring nothing special at work but there
is on indian lady here who got chopped off coz of this free
visa problem her name is Reena and she worked here since
Feb. oNLY,
Its alwayse bad when u see someone taht u get used to go
especially at work but this is life!
well as i got home i found the missing piece for sound
system in my pc whic i accused mybrother of losing so many
times , it was actually in my wardrobe!!!
i pretended i found it somewhere else though to avoid them
picking on me,,,
then as the sopund was worjking and everthing is perefect
i went to internet cafe for 2 hours and a half at the mall
to download songs from there , i found ppl checking
the secondary school graduation list on the internet but u
have to submit CPR and i didnt have that of my brother
Mohammed so i didnt also scared he wont pass !!
my fears were right as next morning i got newpaper and his
name wasnt theer!!! my poor bro,, but he hardly studied
another bad news the british caouncell exam for a free
course in uk was yesterday i MISSED IT!!!!!
ok that was it for sunday