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2002-06-29 05:59:46 (UTC)

love will find a way.

i havent been online in so fucking long.
im surprized i didnt forget how to type.
and i doubt i know how to ride a bike anymore.

so tonight is the first night that ive been home in a long
long long very long time.
theres this sort of errie silence within me.
coupled with a kind of peace.
forced peace probably.
but ill take what i can get.

emily is in tampa.
she starts school monday.
things have been crazy with all of that.

im all dizzy.
i dont know why.
i have been all day.
i keep thinking im going to like fall down or something.

i saw people tonight.
i saw robin and sandy and then shawn too.

i hadnt seen sandy since shed been back.

i hate making emily upset.
it was good to see sandy.
i just wish that emily could be okay with it.
i hate hearing her like that.
and i hate it when she says nothings wrong.
when i know there is something.
i just love her so much.
i want to make her nothing but happy.
and it sucks when i have to make decisions like that.

blah. i dunno.
im going to sleep now.
its after two im tired.