Amandas Twisted Life
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2002-06-29 05:33:27 (UTC)

more problems

im gonna start out by telling you about jackie shes my best
friend and sister of my ex, charles. not to be rude but
shes a hoe. well u can judge for your self...we went to 6
flags and she madeout w/ a stranger, she gave this other
guy named taylor, who she just met, a BJ at the church right by my
house... when she had a bf, she hugs all over every guy shes
around...for instance, this guy named Derrick who i kinda
had a thing for came over to my house and jackie was
here..she ended up making out w/ him...then theres this guy
named Matt, he really liked me and i sorta liked him, she
came over and was hugging all over him and trying to kiss
him. and last theres this guy named Joe. Hes my ex bf and
im realy starting to like him again, she comes over and
fucks him at the church! i was so mad and i talked to him
about it and he said he felt soo bad for doing it and he
really liked me and wanted to go back out w/ me.
the next day we were supposed to go to the mall, me,
jackie, joe, charles, my sisters(ashley c. and amber), my
next door neighbors Steph and richard, richards gf vylynn
and vylynns sister ashley d(charles new gf, shes 14)...me
and my sisters werent allowed to go and richard and vylynn
decided to stay home. so it was just charles, ash d.,
steph, jackie and joe. steph told me jackie and joe were
ALL over eachother and kissing to whole time and blah blah
blah...and now joes avoiding me i wanna call him and bitch
him out...
i dont know if i can get mad at jackie, she didnt know i
liked him or derrick but to me it was pretty obvious...so
should i get mad at her 2?? i need u guys' comments!!!

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