Amandas Twisted Life
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2002-06-29 05:05:16 (UTC)


Hey guys this is my first entry yay (sorry for leading you
on w/ the title i just wanted u guys to read it)...im gonna
write about when my life started to suck...on may 4 i
started going out w/ Charles... hes 18 and really hot...his
sister Jackie hooked us up, shes my friend from school and
now shes my best friend. well we were going out for almost
a month and he broke up w/ me for my best friend at the
time, now my X best friend, Whitney, on may 27 and dont ask
me why either, shes fat, ugly, and has camel toe(for those
of u who dont know wut that is its when the crotch of a
girls pants... well looks like a camel toe..( W )) well
they didnt go out for very long to many problems between
them...long story. i still talk to him a lot and i would
really like to go back out w/ him. He recently started
coming over every day.
before i get ahead of myself lemme tell u about me and
jackie. when whitney and charles were going out i had gone
to stay the night w/ jackie(me and her are best friends at
this point) we really wanted to go swimming so she called
her ex Brandon, we were swimming in his pool and we decided
to pretend to be bi just for a joke...we ended up in his
room but we didnt do anything to bad..w/ jackie at least so
just to let u know im not bi...well nobody knew about
our "threesome" for a while...and like 4 days ago when
charles broke up w/ whitney he some how found out about it
and said it couldve been w/ anybody but his sister
blablabla and now he cant look at me the same way and he
wont stop teasing me... were still cool and all but theres
no way hes gonna go back out w/ me now :( theres more in
the next entry if u still wanna read about my problems...

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