The Life of a Fairy! }}{{
2002-06-29 04:52:06 (UTC)

kill me now....

OH,VERY VERY BAD.i was on the comp,and he walked in,and i
was happening to um..well....masterbating and um...kinda
watching a guy on his cam.my dad walked in and saw him!i
was shocked.i couldn move.its like a hwak.any sudden moves
and*bam*your dead.oh,i wish i could die.i feel so
stupid.but he also has no place telling me not to.he does
it too.and worse is hes married.God,please kill me.just
kill me now.hes gonna tell my psychiartist and everything!!!
shes gonna think im an idiot.i am keeping my pills(paxil)so
i can take them all at once and*bam*die.i would love
that.this time i am really thinking bout it,god,im such an
idiot.i have to go.im tired and bout to cry.goodnight

^.~ jin jin