My Life (Condensed Version)
2002-06-29 04:39:32 (UTC)

The Lazy Friday...

Nick: "God Jenna, you smell like Up-dog!"
Jenna: "Alright...? What's Up-dog?"
Nick: "Nothing much, how about you?"

hah, that was great... Today was the day i cam hom efrom
springfield. I was down there visiting family. Mostly my
cousins John (my age), Cody (10) and Jake--Cody's bro (4)
and my Gamma.

Gamma drove us back home and we stopped at a Cracker
Barrel in Lincoln on the way, for breakfast. They have
the best french toast, mmmmm.... I swear that i saw my
pastor there, which was weird... perhaps it was his evil
twin/stunt double... freaky business there.

anywho, we drove back home. i unloaded my junk, said hello
to my fam, yada yada. Ma told me i had some *urgent* phone
calls and a letter from..... wait for it........


so, typical me, i run into my room and grab it off my
dresser, rip it open, and read it. mostly good news. he
wants to be penpals! heh. but also some bad... his step
dad had had a heart attack. he didn't realy talk about it
much, just explained that that was the reason why he
didn't write sooner.

but i got to my phone calls, and went over to Jenna's. we
oogled over Sean Biggerstaff for a while because her dad
had bought the Harry Potter DVD, and i showed her some Dom
pics i had found in my boredom hours at Gamma's. yummy....

we also concluded that Lambert the dog--or Yammers as we
some fondly call him--looks like a bug with his new hair
cut... lol

but we called Nick to see if he wanted to come watch Harry
Potter with us. he said he'd try.

He showed up around erm... 5? and we hung out and watched
some Disney movie in the basement. we then decided to go
get Nick some dinner. MickeyD's. WOO!

WE drove out and, since Nick had picked up a couple of
those free cheeseburger coupon thingys, but problem. you
can only use one for each visit. so since there were three
of us, we all would use one. then jenna and i would give
them to Nick. hah. and it worked! hey what can i say,
we're good.

Jenna and I got McFlurry's and before the time we were
even HALF WAY DONE WTIH THEM, Nick was finished with the
burgers, lol. hey, the boy was hungry...

then we headed over for Sam's and hung out for a bit...
but i had to be home at 10 so Nick and Jenna dropped me
off and they headed back to Sam's, heh.

and now I am on the computer... YEEHAW!

Later Days,