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2002-06-29 03:59:59 (UTC)


okay..we had elena a going away party today. but we planed
one day to go white water rafting before we go in with the
teen resource center. just us and a few of the teen
advocates. we're going to make a day of it. it should be
really fun.

i talked to britanni today....
and she told me last night she huffed some gas and did some
stupid stuff. she keep slidding farther and farther away
from everything. i'm getting really scared that something
bad is going to happen. i try to talk to her but i have no
clue what to say to her. i just hope and pray that God will
protect her. i don't want to lose her.

i thought brandon and kaylan where coming back today... but
i don't think their back yet. i don't know maybe it's

this may sound weird but i accually need to talk to jason
about something. at least brittani has brought me and jason
a little bit closer then we were now we acually have a "hey
how are you doin'?" relationship.

my sister is phyco. she's playin' with my hair right now
and she is doing weird stuff to it. sometime she can be
okay to hang out with.

well i have nothin' to do tommorow, except go to my
brothers baseball game in the morning. maybe i'll skip my
brothers game and sleep in something i havn't gotten to do
in a while.

well i think that's it.
i'm out.