Silver web spun of a twisted imagination
2002-06-29 03:57:03 (UTC)


Well Matt and I have been in California now for two days.
Already the car broke down (in the walmart parking lot,
near midnight), I found out that my cousin Kelley is going
on thirteen, has braces, is involved in Girl Scouts, and is
approaching me in height, my aunt and my dad are discussing
getting Matt's back checked out while we're out here (he's
got scoliosis), I've been to a family reunion where I met
several cousins I didn't know I had, including a set of
four-year old triplet boys, I found out my cousin Rick is
getting married on August 3 to his best-friend-of-ten-
years, Christine, made arrangements to go to Christine's
bridal shower tomorrow (I'm spending the night at my Aunt
Judy's, Rick's mom so she can take me), wished my cousin
Don a happy 11th? birthday, and made arrangements to go to
his birthday party, the day after tomorrow. Oh and I also
visited with Joanne because she came and rescued us when
the car died. Oh and Dad, Mat, Kell and I have set up the
beginning of a Wheel of Time game. No wonder it seems like
I've been here for a week! It's all so much fun! I get to
see everyone! And the heat is dry! I knew I missed CA but
when I get here I always realized just how much I miss it,
and my family here too. Well, I guess I've written
enough. Later.