SuGaR RuSh
2002-06-29 03:45:41 (UTC)

didnt know day from nite

2nite was fun me n boop went 2 caste 2 watch
fireworks....we saw a lotta ppl...we say UF :( it made me
sad boops ex bf was wow..pecks ahoy! lol and we were talkin
2 chris...funniest kid ever...and i saw keith we hung out
w/ ken and jeff 4 a lil and paul ..they squirted blue stuff
on our white shirts but it was like weird stuff and went
away and coral invited us 2 her party and 2194713 ppl are
gunna b thar and they were gunna drink...ugh well im makin
mac n cheese and its 11:44 pm LOL im out byez oh
not goin away this weekend :(

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