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2002-06-29 03:29:47 (UTC)

I had a huge fight with Sam..

I had a huge fight with Sam again. And last night i swore i
would never talk to him again- not for anything. I had
decided that i was sick to death of his bull shit !
but then again I love everything about him, even the way he
holds his hands in a stupid way when he is nervous. It's not
even been 24 hours, and I'm back to dreaming of my Sam.
I love the way he can't say my name right ! it comes ot something
like Kahoelin. He english is horrid, but i'm sure it's not as bad as
my french !
Anyways, I'm pretty sure he is a player. Thats just not what i
need. So, i'm going to start my life over again,without Sam. And i
don't even know where to start.

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