The Thoughts of A Writer
2002-06-29 03:19:15 (UTC)

what to pack...what NOT to pack...

I honestly have no clue what to take whenever I go
somewhere. I always just grab the clothes closest to my bag
and hope they all match. I am not all that into trying to
impress people. People who care dont matter and people who
matter dont care.

Oh. My. Goshy. I bought THE coolest shoes today. They
are red and black. They are professional BMX shoes, so
picture that. They are Nasty Vans (thats the name). The
guys name is Cory Nastazio (Hes a MAJOR hottie) so Nasty
comes from his last name.

I was there going through all the shoes and there was
this half decent guy sitting there trying some on too and
he was like 'Do you want my opinon on some shoes?' I was
like, uh, no. He was sweet though. But yeah. The Cory guy
who made my shoes is hot. He kinda reminds me of the
drummer guy in Blink 182, I am spacing on his name at the
moment...TRAVIS!...yeah, thats him. I knew I would get it!

I better go and try to get an early start on my
packing otherwise I'll probably end up forgetting something underwear...