good times, good times
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2001-06-25 04:33:15 (UTC)

the last couple of days

i went on my blind date yesterday. how did it go you ask?
well, i guess it just went. he was really nice, but more a
guy i would just be friends with-not date. i think he felt
the same way about me. we ate at the olive garden, and
watched dr. dolittle 2. it was really funny. we wanted to
see fast and furious, but they were sold out or
something...i dont' really remember anymore. the most
exciting part of the whole thing happened to lyndsey. we
saw 3 of her ex's! one we saw before they got there luckily-
-with his new secret girlfriend, who just happens to be
lyndsey's cousin that she hates. lynds doesnt' know there
together...then, her most recent ex, who is taking the
breakup nearly as well as tyler's taking ours(not well at
all) shows up with one of his friends and stops to talk
just as they walk up. lynds bout freaked out. i felt bad
for her. then, at the olive garden we saw the one from last
summer, apparently he works there. luckily he saw me first,
and didn't say much to lynds, so the guys thought he was my
ex, so we jsut went with it since she was starting to feel
like a ho with so many exs showin all at once. i would have
freaked out if that happened to me. i'm surprised we
didint' see tyler though. he was goin to wf to look for
apartments that day, and he knew i'd be with lynds.

vbs was good... hte kids were so cute!

m'randa and i hung out today. we went to one of their
ranches and talked out there. there was a cow caught in
some barbed wire, so we had to call one of the guys we knew
since we didn't have any wire cutters, so he hung out with
us for a while too after he got the cow loose. then we went
over to a couple of other guys house. i hadn't met them
before. they were pretty nice, but from what i can gather
they're a couple of lazy alchoholic bums...whatever works
for ya i guess.

i have to get a new car soon. i say have to because this
last one's been an ordeal. i was 16 when i got it, so even
though i would be the one making payments on it we had to
put my mom's name on the title. unfortunatly shes a
vindictive person, so she has held that minor detail over
my head the whole past two years. well, hell if i'll let
her do that again, but the way things are going i'm gonna
lose over $5000 on it. she pretty much told me if i didn't
like it i could just come up with my own downpayment and
buy a car with my name on the title(translates:)you're
gonna give up the car you've been making payments on for
the past two years so that your little sis can have her
very own ride when she turns 16, and who gives a shit about
you? i'm not gonna let you trade in this pickup cuz it has
my name on the title. well fuck the title, and fuck you
because i'm sick of this shit! i'm gonna find my own car
even if it's a piece. i don't care. i've gotta have
osmething that she cant use against me! i'm sick of it!