Chapter One: The Evil Within
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2002-06-29 01:42:19 (UTC)

Blast From The Past

Okay, I am a freak, today after lunch, I went through a
whole bunch of boxes from my childhood that my patents have
just lugged around for forever and a day, and alot I am
getting rid of, but I found my Jeanie-Doll... she was my
best friend when I was younger, and I spoke of her as if
she were a real person, hell, I still do. She was like my
little imaginary friend, but not. I love her so much, and
she is so cute, but kinda creepy looking because of alot of
things, like her one leg is twisted backwards because of
how old she was, and her eyes are partcially whited out
because my niece got mad when I told her she couldnt play
with Jeanie and she took her when I didnt know, and drew
allover her face with a blue bic pen, and instead of
telling my mom my sister, stupid as see is, took nail
polish remover and alchol to it and took the paint off the
middle of the eyes. Everyone bought me new dolls to replace
her, but it didnt work, they even shelled out a shit load
of money to buy the exact same doll with a different
colored dress on, but it didnt work, I liked her, but it
just wasnt the same, the dolls name was June, cause thats
when they found her, and it was a "J"name too, but she
wasnt Jeanie, so she soon got forgotten about, and now I
have been renited with Jeanie, and nothing is going to come
between us, and maybe I will attempt to re-paint her eyes.
Ohh yeah, another difference between Jeanie and June,
Jeanie has blue eyes, and my name written on the back, and
June had green eyes.

anyways, I got ditched by 2 out of 3of my friends today..
yay!! Makes me feel great! So, Satan and I had a...blast...
well not quite, she complains and talk about Tim too much
when he is in the same freaking TOWN!!! But at least I got
out of the house, and didnt think of Matt as much... okay
well I did, but differently thought of him... and at least
I had some to talk to him about, I just talked over Tim
stuff, so it was like a race of who can talk faster louder
and more about their boyfriends.. ha ha bitch, i won!!!