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2001-06-25 04:26:29 (UTC)

Johns in FL

Hey...um Ive had lots of these online diary things. Well
to start off Im a 15 yr. old girl and I live in NY. Not
the cities areas, just a nice neighborhood. I have a b/f,
John, whos 15 too. Im watchin the All in the Family
marathon on TV land. lol. Yea its 12:19 and Im really
bored. John just called from FL. He left yesterday and
hes coming back this upcoming Sat. its already Sun and I
miss him like crazy. I feel wierd cause I can only talk to
him for a few minutes a day. A pay-phone there costs $3
for 3 mins. Haha whats up with that? Anyway after he
comes back this Sat, hes here for a week and then he leaves
July 7th for 2 weeks. Hes goin to VA. But the good part
is, his g-parents let him go online like all day. So I'll
be able to talk to him a lot. The day b4 he leaves for VA
is our 8 month anniversary!!! Ahhh Im so excited. This
summer is gonna be so great, the times when we get to see
eachother. I love him more than words can say. Before he
left I made him a thing and its like every letter of his
name means something. Like for the J, I put
J-Jealous (adj). envious. As in-Every girl has reasons to
be jealous of my great boyfriend. And then I put pink
lipgloss marks on the 3 pages. I did it in thin black
Sharpie marker and I wrote it really nice...I always try to
make everything really nice for him, and look nice, dress
nice, have my hair nice, lol. When he called me yesterday
he told me that he read that thing a lot, and he kissed the
lip prints too.