F**ked up life
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2002-06-29 00:54:13 (UTC)

These boots are made for walking

Well since i last wrote i have moved out of my moms and too
my dads. it was pretty crazy but i did it and its been good
so far. it gets kinda boring in the day sinces hes gone but
i can have people over whenever i want.And my curfew is
alot later and i can do the stuff i want to. Im gonna lose
weight to because there is nothing to eat at his house. For
some reason i feel like being productive so i do laundry
and i went running for an hour today. I think this is a
really good step for me. Ok well im off to my aunts house
to hear her talk about how i abandoned my mom!! i probsably
wont write for a few days cus i dont have a computer at my
dads!Dont worry im doing fine!

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