The Eye of the Storm
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2002-06-29 00:04:19 (UTC)

a change in pace

i read over my old entries. man was i bad. im really glad
im not that way anymore, all of that would have messed my
future up pretty badly. im glad that we all know who came
into my life. :) he changed me alot, im starting to become
more religious, i havent sworn in who knows how long... its
wierd. alot of ppl have noticed the change.. and i didnt
realize how materialistic i was. i mean how long can
someone obsess over every guy she sees, then complain about
all those petty fools who have a new bf ever week, when all
she is is what she despises. its stupid, and i am truly
glad i found chris, i dont want to sound corny or anything,
but he saved me. well ya, i would delete all those old
entries but i think i should keep them as reminders of how
bad i was and how i dont want to be that bad EVER again. if
i did, im afraid i would lose chris, and i think that would
be the end of me. i g2g.

love always

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